Thursday, April 23, 2009

Prologue: Let your heart keep time...

Allright. So there is an explanation for everything, even for this kind-of-emo blog title.

A few weeks ago I was talking to my friend Jessie and mentioned her how I wanted to get a tattoo that expressed everything I feel. Something related to going away or settling down, because I feel that my life, at this point, is like a crazy rollercoaster with an unknown destination. I was born in Spain, lived in England some years ago, and now that I have been in San Diego for almost two years it's time to go back home. I might be coming back to San Diego in October... or I might not. So that is why I wanted to get a tattoo related to that, because I have different "lives" spread all over the word.

And Jessie came with the great idea of dandelions. Dandelions' seeds are dispersed everywhere and then germinate, giving life to new dandelions, in different places.

And the whole title is a line the Audioslave's song called, of course, Dandelion. I don't think there is much science about it, I just liked it.

That's it. I still don't know what I will make of this, but knowing myself it will be some kind of a Pandora Box, or maybe a place where I will try to keep everyone updated with my "crisises" (who will bring me Frozen Yogurt while I'm in Spain?), or... I don't know, let's experiment :)